Bespoke Floral letters


Stunning bespoke handmade wooden floral letters designed to create an impact and arranged with high quality silk flowers. These monogram letters are a great accessory for any occasion. The vibrant array of florals in pretty blush and ivory colours are perfect to compliment any room.

No fixings are applied to the letter but can be if requested.

Each letter is handmade and will tale between 3-10 days to make and be dispatched.

  • Dimensions 
  • Size of letter A - Height 25 inches  Width 18inches
  • Size of letter B - Height 24 inches  Width 16inches
  • Size of letter E - Height 25 inches  Width 18.5inches 
  • Size of letter H - Height 18 inches   Width 25inches 
  • Size of letter L - Height 26.5 inches Width 20inches 
  • Size of letter M - Height 23.5 inches Width 20.5 inches 
  • Size of letter P - Height 24 inches Width 15 inches

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